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We offer Broadband DSL Internet service for both Residential and Business customers throughout Michigan.  Since we've been around since 1994, we know a thing or two about Internet services and you won't have to worry about getting service from one of those fly-by-night DSL providers.

DSL allows you to be on the Internet and on the phone at the same time!

If you currently have two phone lines because one is used primarily for your dial-up Internet connection, you can get rid of that line and save money.  DSL uses a different frequency on your phone line than the frequency you use when you talk on the phone.  Because of this, you are able to talk on the phone at the same time as being on High Speed Internet!

Save money and get high speed Internet? Absolutely! If you pay $20/month for dial-up Internet access and another $30 for your extra phone line, cancel both and pay less for High Speed Internet with DSL.   
Not only will you save money but you can save time.  Visit your favorite Internet sites, send and receive email and download music many times faster than you can with a dial-up connection.

Our services aren't limited to DSL connections as we are a full service ISP.  Dial-up connections, Broadband Wireless, Website hosting and server co-location are some of the additional services we offer. 
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High Speed Internet, some may call it Broadband Internet, is available through us in over 100 cities throughout Michigan.   See Where We Offer DSL

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